Electrical and Electronics Engineering 

EEE refers to Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Nowadays most of the students showing interest to join in this branch to complete their B.Tech successfully and to build good career in future. In EEE, they can learn different concepts on electronics and complete their project in final year. Many of them try to do creative and innovative projects. Some of them also try to do the projects which may be helpful in real life.

For their purpose, here we have listed few best projects ideas from various categories like embedded, electrical, robotics, DTMF, GSM, RF, RFID, etc. Most of these EEE projects ideas give a better idea in electronic circuits and their functionality. These ideas are collected from different sources for the convenience of EEE students. We hope these EEE projects ideas are very useful for engineering students in completing their B.Tech successfully.

So, you are always welcome to read the projects ideas given below and this only for sample purpose.if you need any base paper (or) project please click enquire now

Sample Project List 

1. Real Time Vehicle Locking and Tracking System using GSM and GPS Technology-An Anti-theft System

2. Acoustic Detection of Rear Approaching Vehicles for Cyclists

3. Multiphysics test bed for renewable energy systems in smart Homes

4. High step-up dc/dc topology and mppt algorithm for use with a thermoelectric generator 

5. Smart heating and air conditioning scheduling method Incorporating customer convenience for home energy management system

6. Reduce the standby power consumption of a microwave oven Precise moisture monitoring for various soil types using Handheld microwave-sensor meter

7. Microcontroller-based robotics and scada experiments

8. Intelligent household led lighting system considering energy Efficiency and user satisfaction

9. Electric vehicle charging method for smart homes/buildings With a photovoltaic system

10. Dehems: creating a digital environment for large-scale energy management at homes

11. An improved optimal sizing method for wind-solar-battery Hybrid power system

12. Feasibility of a mems sensor for gas detection in hv oil-insulated transformer

13. A miniaturized ph sensor with an embedded counter electrode and a readout circuit

14. Mobile robot localization using the phase of passive uhf-rfid signals

15. Design and analysis of an embedded accelerometer coupled Self-mixing laser displacement sensor

16. Intelligent technologies for self-sustaining, rfid-based, rural e-health systems

17. Authentication and authorization mechanisms for substation automation in smart grid network

18. Integrated communication technology for supervisory control and data acquisition system of pv power station

19. Performance analysis of range sensors for a real-time power

20. Mine water level fuzzy control system design based on plc

21. A web-based remote access laboratory using scada

22. Fault detection and protection of induction motors using sensors

23. Design and implementation of plc-based monitoring control system for induction motor

24. Design and implementation of a new multilevel inverter topology

25. A sensorless direct speed control for brushless dc motor Drives

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