Electronics and Communication Engineering 

Nowadays electronics play vital role on the Earth. And we all know that it has become a part in our daily life. So, many people are showing lot of interest on electrical and electronics concepts. Even the students are also showing lot of interest on ECE and EEE branches in Engineering for better future. Especially the demand for ECE branch is increasing at rapid rate.

So, Here we are providing the sample ECE Projects ideas on various categories to create better knowledge on what type of projects that an ECE student can choose. Here we are providing the list of ECE projects in various categories such as Embedded Systems, Electrical, Robotics, Communication based, DTMF, GSM, PC, Solar based, Sensor based, power electronics, general electronics, RF based, RFID based projects, etc. 

So, you are always welcome to read the projects ideas given below and this only for sample purpose.if you need any base paper (or) project please click enquire now

Sample Project List 

1.Fpga-based 40.9-gbits/s masked aes with area optimization for storage area network

2. Evaluation of correlation power analysis resistance and its application on asymmetric mask protected data encryption standard hardware

3. Efficient implementation of reconfigurable warped digital filters with variable low-pass, high-pass, bandpass, and bandstop responses

4. Circuit-level timing error tolerance for low-power dsp filters and transforms 

5. A method to extend orthogonal latin square codes 

6. A memory-efficient scalable architecture for lifting-based discrete wavelet transform 

7. A high-performance energy-efficient architecture for fir adaptive filter based on new distributed arithmetic formulation of block lms algorithm 

8. Vlsi implementation of a low-cost high-quality image scaling processor

9. Low-power, high-throughput, and low-area adaptive fir filter based on distributed arithmetic 

10. Low-cost scan-chain-based technique to recover multiple errors in tmr systems

11. High-speed parallel decimal multiplication with redundant internal encodings

12. Using single error correction codes to protect against isolated defects and soft errors

13. Pipelined radix- feedforward fft architectures

14. Multichannel eeg compression: wavelet-based image and volumetric coding approach

15. Development of an fpga-based spwm generator for high switching frequency dc/ac inverters

16. Area- and power-efficient architecture for high-throughput implementation of lifting 2-ddwt

17. Synchronous fpga-based high-resolution implementations of digital pulse-width modulators

18. Modular design of high-throughput, low-latency sorting units

19. Memory-efficient high-speed convolution-based generic structure for multilevel 2-d dwt

20. Binary integer decimal-based floating-point multiplication

21. Low-cost fir filter designs based on faithfully rounded truncated multiple constant multiplication/accumulation Integer codes correcting burst errors within a byte

22.Error detection in majority logic decoding of euclidean geometry low density parity check 

23. Area-delay-power efficient fixed-point lms adaptive filter with low adaptation-delay

24. 2n pattern run-length for test data compression

25. Fpga-based architecture for a generalized parallel 2-d mri filtering algorithm(system generation tool)

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